The best way to Secure a Window Box

Nov - 07

The best way to Secure a Window Box

Window boxes really are a approach to include old world charm and curb appeal to your own home with no hassle of keeping a backyard. Although installing a window-box is not hard, it’s important that you drill only one time and calculate. Make sure that the window box has holes in the bottom to permit drainage. Fill it with potting soil as well as some annuals, when the box is hung and appreciate the fruits of your labor.

Measure inches below the window sill to mark the keeping of the very top of the bracket. For windows that swing-out, depart 6 to 8″ of room between the sill as well as the very top of the bracket when you open the window, so that you you will not harm the flowers.

Hold the bracket up so that its best lines up using the mark on the siding. Drill a pilot hole below the windowsill in the bracket close to the base of the bit of siding. Use a counter sink bit.

Drill through the pilot hole with a counter-bore bit. Fix the bracket to the wall utilizing a screw that is decking. A screw that is galvanized will not rust, therefore it’s worth the additional cash.

Make sure that the bracket is plumb utilizing an amount. Repeat Steps 3 and 2 over the shelf on the bracket that can hold the window-box.

Hold the bracket that is 2nd on the other side of the sill and use an amount to ensure the bracket is le Vel and plumb. Repeat Measures 2 through 4-to fix the bracket.

Center the window box between both brackets. Drill pilot holes to the rear of the box utilizing the counter sink/ bits that are counter-bore. Use decking screws to to add the box.

Fill the box with potting crops and soil. Soak the plants with water until their root techniques are proven.

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