The best way to Plant Tom Thumb Peas

Dec - 03

The best way to Plant Tom Thumb Peas

Tom Thumb peas can be grown by you in your backyard or in flower-pots, window boxes. Available in the 1850s, Tom Thumb peas are an heirloom vegetable. This plant is a dwarf pea selection that grows to a height of one foot, but creates full-sized pea pods. An heirloom range is a non-hybrid plant, and that means it is possible to save the seeds.

Plant Tom Thumb pea seeds beginning in the 2nd week of August and beginning in March for spring plantings.

Before sowing the seeds prepare the top 4″ of soil. Work the soil using a shovel or hoe to take it easy clumps of dirt and remove particles or rocks.

Place the seeds and soak them for 24 hrs in room-temperature water.

Choose a place in your backyard or for planting Tom Thumb peas in your patio. Plant the peas in sandy or loamy, well-drained, alkaline soil having a pH range between 6 and 7.5.

Sow the seeds in garden bed, a little planter or body. Place space the rows 10″ apart and the seeds 2″ apart, 3″ deep.

Water carefully. Keep the soil moist, but not damp, until the seeds germinate.

Expect the seeds to germinate to germinate after planting and mature within 50 to 55 times.

Make plantings that are several three months aside all through the spring to have a a consistent supply.

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