The best way to Plant Malanga

Mar - 09

The best way to Plant Malanga

Malanga (Xanthosoma) does best-in moderate sub-tropical Sunset Climate Zones 7 through 9, 14 through 16, and 18 through 25. Malanga is developed from edible tubers called “corms.” The leaves of the plant are easy and green and increase to 2-feet by 2.5 feet in dimensions. The plant gets up to 5 feet tall. Malanga resembles elephant and dasheen ears. When there isn’t any danger of frost, it’s best to plant in the months in the first third of the year.

Dip the malanga tuber in fungicide. Allow the tuber.

Select a planting area in soil with full sun or half shade and excellent drainage. Do a check that is drainage before filling it with water and planting by digging a hole one-foot deep. It’s excellent drainage in the event the hole drains within an hour. Include sand to the soil to enhance drainage in the event the hole is complete.

Clear the planting location. Remove all weeds. Plant the malanga tuber less than six inches under the the soil using the pointed end facing up. Plants must be spaced.

Fertilize using a 10-20-20 fertilizer during planting, and every 2 months there after . Water once a week, saturating the soil to one-inch.

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