The best way to Install an AC Window Unit

Feb - 08

The best way to Install an AC Window Unit

Need to cool off on a warm day? An AC is your best guess. A device that is central is costly although effective, plus it requires the installation of ducts during your house as well as lots of space. A through-the-wall-unit is cheaper but can mar the integrity of a house that is classic. A window device is something that that you can install by way of a double-hung window.


Read the installation directions that came along with your AC. They allow one to verify that all of the required installation hardware is included with device, and that you just have the proper installation resources and electric power. They also include recommendations for planning the area to be cooled. As an example, so the air can flow to any or all parts of the area from your unit, you might need to re-arrange furniture.

Choosing a Window

Select a one that receives little to no sunlight through the day, in case your room has over one window that is appropriate. Foliage a place which is shaded by foliage or under eaves that are wide is perfect. In the event the region receives powerful sunlight, consider installing an awning over the window’s exterior. The air-conditioner will use more power operating from the warmth of the sunshine up. Remove components and any screens in the window which will interfere together with the unit.


If feasible, have a buddy assist you together with the installation. Not only can he aid you with placing huge device in to spot, it can be also steadied by him from the exterior as you total the attachment. Lift the window-sash and insert the trunk end-of the AC to the opening. Its accordion panels should butt facing the windowframe. Lower the window sash to keep the device set up. Drill pilot holes through the mounting holes of the air-conditioner body. Then by hand connect the installation screws using a screwdriver. Injury is prevented by using a handtool as an alternative to a drill having a screw bit to the frames as well as the window. Use the weatherstripping or caulking that was included with the the system to seal any gaps round the windowframe.


Plug the the machine in and check its options that are various to ensure they work properly. Find out how extended it will take to cool the the area, which means you know when you program on occupying the area, how significantly in advance to commence it. Air conditioners use plenty of strength up, s O be cautious about utilizing an outlet that’s on the sam-e circuit as laundry machines, vacuums, refrigerators and vitality -draining gadgets. A circuit may be tripped by turning a big equipment on with all the AC. Consider plugging the the machine right into an alternative outlet, if such is true.

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