The best way to Care for a Corn Plant That’s Browning

Jan - 22

The best way to Care for a Corn Plant That’s Browning

A tall plant using a woody stalk, the corn plant (Dracaena fragrans “Massangeana”) lives in Africa and is simple to care for and preserve. Though a slow grower, corn crops stay for a lot of years with good care, boast leaves that are green and attain heights of up to 6 feet. Several common issues can trigger the amazing leaves of the plant but the scenario is remedied.

Water a corn plant to remove the most probable-cause of its own troubles: dehydration. To see whether the plant is dry, poke a finger down to a depth of 1-inch into its soil. Should it not feel moist, give some water to the plant and observe its development. During cold temperatures, crops stored in-doors are more susceptible to dehydration as a result of dry the use of warming methods as well as weather, so check often throughout the cool months.

Take action to counter-act low-humidity ranges, which trigger corn plant leaves to produce brown ideas. The corn plant, a unique African species originates in a warm, humid environment different from that of the common living space. To to reproduce this atmosphere, mist corn crops using a spray bottle filled with room-temperature water. Place the corn plant along with other house plants, which raises humidity ranges a normal cooling method, via transpiration.

Provide excellent general treatment of the corn plant to keep it in optimum wellness. Avoid putting corn crops with large mild before a window or alternative area, as they prosper with medium amounts of sunlight. Every month, handle corn crops using a fertilizer containing a well-balanced blend of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. Use a well- draining soil mix and look out for leaves, which show that it suffers from root-rot or the plant is getting too much water.

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