Moss Varieties

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Moss Varieties

Moss provides some permanence to your garden, making it appear like the forest has crept in and merged using the area that is cultivated. However, moss can be easily cultivated by gardeners instead of merely waiting in order for it to show up. The real key to effective cultivation of any range that is moss is a moist atmosphere free of debris that may smother the moss and leaves. 500 species of moss to consider, with 1-4, you are certain to discover a variety that requirements and fits your preferences.

Carpet Moss

Sheet mosses, or mosses, spread to offer groundcover. Feather moss (Hypnum imponens) and fernleaf moss (Thuidium delicatulum) are two carpet mosses that grow properly on reduced rock along with tree stumps and logs. Feather moss makes an excellent groundcover, resisting being outcrowded by turf grasses, claims William Cullina in “Indigenous Ferns, Moss and Grasses.” It is also extremely appealing, forming a yellow green mat. Fernleaf moss is simple enough to cultivate in a backyard and has a lacy look.

Cushion Moss

Cushion mosses develop as a lush bed of moss. Four-tooth moss (Tetraphis pellucida) is a standard type of cushion moss that prefers moist, shady places and grows well on logs and stumps. Broom moss (Dicranum scoparium) types a shaggy, emerald green mound and grows extremely well on many different surfaces, including logs and easy stones.

Upright Moss

Upright moss species develop horizontally as well-but with stems that grow usually making the look of a small forest of evergreens. Stair-step moss (Hylocomium splendens) has an intricate construction and will grow very large as it builds on the previous year’s progress with each passing season. Juniper haircap moss (Polytrichum juniperinum) also has an upright construction that seems just like a little boreal forest.

Clumping Moss

Clumping mosses appear appealing poking out between rocks in a backyard. Silver side walk moss (Bryum argenteum) is a greenish-silver species that grows nicely between paving stones, and with minimum work. Sphagnum mosses tend to develop in clusters that a-DD an environment of lushness to some garden.

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