Modern Classics: Vitra Algue

Jun - 02

Modern Classics: Vitra Algue

These intriguing pieces may have captured your eye recently, and chances are, you thought,”What the heck is that?” Well, it is called Algue and it is created by Vitra. They’re little plastic bits shaped like plant skeletons which can be snapped together into endless compositions, carrying on a life of their own.


Algues – $95

This is what I call”Algue Extreme.” Thousands of bits of it have been hooked together to form what seems to me like a whole lot of seaweed!

Vitra Algue Elements / Six Pack – $35

Here is a peek at the bits. They’re sold in packs of 25 or 6; a pack of 25 could be connected together to cover a place of approximately 1 square meter.

Elias Kababie

Hung behind a translucent window along with a backlit scrim, the Algue-covered wall looks like it is covered in a wonderful red vine.

The bits can be secured together to form a screen or room divider.

Elias Kababie

Here a smaller amount of Algue supplies a textured wall in this black and white modern room.

Similarly, a green wall enlivens this minimal home office area.

Amitzi Architects

The bits can be composed into whatever form you . This provides a large part of artwork in a spacious, gallery-like space.

Algue works outside also. This makes the view far more interesting and increases the sense of privacy.

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