How Do You Get a Recorded Duplicate of a Quit Claim Deed?

Aug - 09

How Do You Get a Recorded Duplicate of a Quit Claim Deed?

The county recorder keeps a data base of minutes and real-estate records for many property in a county that is specific. Its data base contains copies of liens, titles and any files anyone chooses to file. Deeds are generally used to transfer property between parties who understand each other properly and are often recorded to record the trade. A quitclaim deed is public document, accessible to anybody desiring a duplicate.

Go for the county where the title was recorded to the county recorder’s office, or send your request to the registrar’s office to get a duplicate. Some workplaces might take requests that are on-line; phone your registrar to ask.

Give the desk clerk, or include in your written request, your name address, the kind of file you’re requesting (quitclaim deed), the year the record was recorded, the title of the grantee or grantor as well as the record publication and page number, for those who have it.

Pay the registrar to your copy. In the event you request a duplicate by post, add a check or postal order for the copy fee.