7 Ideas to Create a Snuggly Attic Nursery

Jan - 09

7 Ideas to Create a Snuggly Attic Nursery

There’s nothing like a growing brood to make a house suddenly feel tight on space. If you’ve got a baby on the way, employing the attic might help your house feel a little less claustrophobic. If the space has not been lived in before, a professional can help you ensure it is free of sharp corners, dangerous materials and other hazards, leaving you with a functional space for a nursery transformation.

A loft nursery keeps a toddler’s erratic and noisy night behavior from earshot from other sleeping kids, meaning that at least a few of the family can still get a fantastic night’s rest. Before the little one arrives, take some advice from the pros to get your attic space a cozy place for the baby.

True Interiors, LLC

1. Paint can work magic in tiny spaces. You can make your attic toddlers feel much taller by painting the walls and the sloped part of the ceiling the same color, ” says Heather Brown of True Interiors. This simple trick allows the two portions to read as one, bigger wall. Have fun with all the colour, also. “Nurseries do not always need to be pink or blue,” states Brown. “Use inspirational colors of boysenberry, sea foam, lemongrass or apricot, or try out an accent wall of chalkboard paint for an interactive wall your baby can grow into as a toddler”

Tongue & Groove

2. Utilize the space made by low ceiling heights or slopes for storage. Define the regions in your room and help keep things organized with the addition of freestanding storage or built-in shelves in which the ceiling is low enough to make otherwise lifeless space. To keep things cheap, Brown indicates inexpensive custom-fit MDF shelves. “Create cubbies and shelves fun or unusual shapes, paint them dynamic colors and line the inside with a whimsical background to give your particular space a special touch that’s tailored perfectly to fit its decoration,” she states.

Nicole Lanteri Design

3. Avoid the drab and dull with the ideal light. Make your space bright, cheery and functional with ample and appropriate lighting. “Suspend pendant lighting over seats areas or in reading nooks; anchor beds using wall-mounted electrical sconces; place table lamps atop dressers, bookcases or bedside tables,” states Brown. “Set the stage for night relaxation by putting your lighting on dimmer switches or get creative by lighting the ceiling with holiday lights to make fireflies or constellations.”

4. Bounce light around by adding mirrors in unexpected spaces. If you’re lucky enough to have a window into your attic nursery, make the most of it by putting a mirror across from it to reflect light throughout the space. Brown recommends hanging mirrors in fun shapes and dimensions.

Do not have any windows? Brown includes a creative solution. “Properly secure either a large mirror or sequence of mirrors on the wall and treat them with drapery panels as you would a window,” she states. The result: DIY faux windows. Hang drapery into the ceiling to raise the area’s visual height.

5. Boost visual square footage by tapping vertical space. Create a visual line from the floor to the ceiling with the addition of elements with a vertical accent. “Hang drapery all the way up into the ceiling, use tall bookcases, hang mobiles or make eye-catching vertical stripes with strips of picture wallpaper on the walls,” states Brown. “All of these things will encourage your attention to journey from the floor to the ceiling, so raising the visual height of the space.”

Signature Homes

6. Paint fun and inspiring murals. “Dressed with murals — anything from trees into a night skies — that the walls will disappear,” states Brown.

Alicia Ventura Interior Design

7. Pick furnishings to interact with all the murals. Require your murals a step farther and your space is really going to come to life. In this nursery, the designer incorporated shelves that seem to grow from the tree branches. Brown indicates suspending wood boards from ropes secured to the ceiling for nightstands, shelves or enjoyable seats.

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