5 Gifts for the Home They'll Love — That Cost Next to Nothing

Aug - 08

5 Gifts for the Home They'll Love — That Cost Next to Nothing

Most people can recall giving their parents handmade coupons for chores around the home at least one time. Whether they had been for foot rubs or car washes, they didn’t cost children a dime and often made Mom and Dad more happy than a macaroni necklace would have.

This holiday season consider bringing exactly the exact same mindset to the gifts you give. Most of us don’t really need more things, so avoid cluttering up your loved ones’ houses with unnecessary items, and rather offer the gift of activity. A day or two of your time bettering a loved one’s home and lifestyle will be cherished much longer than yet another sweater.

Print out this coupon to present to your friend or loved one. Simply open the picture in a new tab, then hit Print at the bottom of the picture and cut off excess paper. Consider using some colorful paper to make it extra merry!

Some ideas to get you started:

1. Tackle yard care. Even apartment dwellers with a manageable patio garden to care for may use a week off every now and then. Offer to perform basic maintenance — water, mow and weed — for a couple weeks. Or if a person demands a major garden fix-up, provide to get it started. Spend a weekend weeding, mulching and placing up flower beds. Accompanied with a couple starter plants or seed packs, this is the best present for any gardener.

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2. Give the decor a do-over. This present works especially well for a relative or close friend — you want to be knowledgeable about the home and to make sure the receiver is willing to give you unsupervised access to a room for a while. Attempt to redecorate a space which will be of use to this person in mind — consider complaints or problems into consideration. Has your sister decided to start her own business? Fix her up home office with all the organizational tools she will need. Is it true that your mother constantly complain about her entryway? Give her the day off and dress it up with some adorable baskets along with a fresh coat of her selection of paint. Even when you just declutter bookshelves and put in a new pillow and lamp for your armchair, the shift will be much valued.

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3. Take good care of home maintenance. While it’s not as glamorous as a dramatic before and after show, picking up someone’s chores for a week is a superb way to say, “I love you.” Doing the dishes, emptying the trash and caring for other dreaded chores for a while may be the very best present you can give a loved one who works hard.

Major cleanups — kids’ rooms, the kitchen — may be helpful too. Some might choose to hire a cleaning service to help a friend, but this is also something children can do for Mother or Dad themselves.

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4. Make life easier. Whether you have a parent, sibling or friend in mind, taking good care of foods for a night or 2 could be quite a welcome relief through a particularly rough week. Cook preferred freezable dishes for your receiver to spare for a night of working late, or offer to pay for grocery store or meal delivery for a week. Want to treat your significant other? A beautifully prepared meal may be a real statement of love.

This goes for grandparents too! Not every grandma loves to cook. Think about the many ways you may make their lives or somebody else’s life only a bit easier — possibly your aunt or uncle requires some help establishing a new thermostat, DVD player, TV or Wi-Fi. Donating an hour or so of your own time to earn home technology a bit more seamless for somebody will be much valued.

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5. Offer indulgences. A day off may be the perfect present for the person in your life who seems to have it all together. Turn the master bathroom into a spa, complete with fluffy new towels, champagne or tea, candles and preferred songs. Locate a new seat for a favourite place in the backyard and specify a relaxing, bubbling fountains near. Turn a spare room or an office corner into a dining room with a comfy chair, pillows and a great deal of reading material.

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