15 Spectacular Interior Paint Makeovers

Sep - 03

15 Spectacular Interior Paint Makeovers

ers, we made the call and you answered, showing us the difference you have made in your homes with paint. Today we are looking at how paint has shifted your rooms, in the kitchen to the bedroom, in the living area to the laundry area. We’ve got only so much room here, but to see each one the makeovers, have a look at the original Call.

13 Spectacular Exterior Paint Makeovers

AFTER: userStephanie Van Dyke’s newly dark living room walls.

BEFORE: Van Dyke desired to switch up these light walls. The new colours are Ralph Lauren’s Smoked Glass and Tibetan Jasmine. “The Smoked Glass is a beautiful, dynamic color that changes during the day,” she states.

BEFORE: blogger and user c2marsha did not have much love for this pale green colour in her bedroom. “The old pale green shade just felt quite stale and dull; we needed something sexier although not harsh or bright,” she states.

AFTER: “We chose Behr Bitter Chocolate to our master bedroom, which sits on the second floor of our Dutch colonial in Minneapolis,” she states. “We did not want our chamber to sense too masculine or feminine, and we wanted it to feel like it fit us well, which made it very difficult to pick a colour!”

The rich brown brought into a modern signature that works with their mix of vintage and traditional pieces.

BEFORE: Maple trees surrounding the home and the colours on the walls created userhellovijp’s home in Quebec City very dark inside.

AFTER: Since one area flows into the next and the distances were missing cohesion, hellovijp painted the whole floor the exact same colour, SICO’s Portobello #6185-41. It really lightens things up while keeping the look warm.

BEFORE: Amanda Haytaian desired a fresh look for her living room; pink walls along with a dated fireplace were no longer functioning.

AFTER: She attracted the pink to the room through smaller accents. A beautiful new coffered ceiling and marble fireplace surround freshen up the area. The walls are Benjamin Moore’s Etiquette in matte, and the trim is Benjamin Moore’s Steam in semigloss.

BEFORE: Becky, of the site this is joy, was dreaming about a thinner kitchen.

AFTER: “It is still a work in progress, but we took our very dark kitchen to some cheerful, bright white,” she states. Kwal acrylic paint in Pure Snow did the trick.

Tip: She recommends having the cupboards spray painted to avoid brushstrokes.

BEFORE: “This laundry area is a fantastic example of white not creating a badly lit, living room light and airy; 
it just made it grey, dingy and scuff-marked,” states Cathy Zaeske.

Your Favorite Room By Cathy Zaeske

AFTER: Going to get an industrial chic look, she chose a brand new pendant light and Sherwin-Williams’ high-gloss 6076 Turkish Coffee. The new room is far better at motivating the homeowners to wish to do their own laundry.

BEFORE: Once done correctly, of course white can operate in a laundry area. user bathhous just needed to deal with the bulkiness of the appliances and the outdated cabinets.

AFTER: Some smart rearranging, a new counter tops from Ikea and Valspar’s Oxygen White banished the claustrophobia in the area, and it is now a cheerful and efficient area.

BEFORE: user epeemom’s remodeling work isn’t completed, but I wanted to include her because: 1. It’s among the most dramatic makeovers and 2. Her really diplomatic description of this hallway is a fantastic illustration of how to be gracious. “It was the former home of an extremely creative individual and very taste-specific,” she states.

AFTER: While she is still mulling over the last colours as they redesign, she discovered that this light grey, Sherman-Williams’ Passive, much less jarring.

BEFORE: user Leslie Granger discovered the beige in her living room dull.

AFTER: She livened things up with Behr’s Aztec Brick.

BEFORE: user lcdeane’s kitchen makeover is a work in progress, but for the time being paint has made a difference.

AFTER: lcdeane got rid of the panels on the original cabinets, then painted the uppers Benjamin Moore’s White Dove and the lowers Benjamin Moore’s Wythe Blue. New hardware also can help update the look.

BEFORE: Sherri Early’s teenage daughter, Megan, wasn’t enjoying the yellow paint and wood trim in her bedroom.

AFTER: With some help from interior designer Crisy Saele, Early produced a brilliant space for the daughter with paint. The blues she used are equally from Sherwin-Williams: Cote D’Azure at 75 percent saturation and Calypso. She painted all those stripes herself and some needed around four coats — exactly what a labour of love!

BEFORE: user swan12 was bored with the very small powder room in this 1940s shore cottage.

AFTER: This fresh coat of Valspar’s Green Tea Latte, paired with a matchstick window remedy, is a lot more suitable for the shore.

BEFORE: user Justone was ready for a large change in the kitchen and chose one which could bring in high contrast.

AFTER: Behr’s Ultra Premium Plus Very Black lace paint (now stopped) on the cabinets is the most striking change. Other new or altered features: appliances, beadboard, thighs on the island, hardware, a faucet, a backsplash and quartz counters.

BEFORE: userdeepistol decided to repurpose this room the prior owners were using as a dining room to an office.

AFTER: Benjamin Moore’sGrayCashmere and crisp white molding are a soothing mix and make a pleasant location for functioning.

BEFORE: “When we built our home four decades ago, I picked paint colours on a whim,” says Katie Peters. “I chose bright yellow for my home office believing it would be inspiring and energizing … while it may be for some people, it did not prove to be for me personally.”

AFTER: For the second stab at decorating the room, she began by choosing fabrics and a general colour scheme. The walls are now Sherwin-Williams’ Lattice, and the office has become her favourite room in the home.

AFTER: The light grey in Peters’ office is now relaxing, especially paired with the cozy furniture.

Thanks to everyone who shared their makeovers, and please keep them coming — you can talk about them in the Opinions section.

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