10 Places To Move Bold With Layout

Jul - 04

10 Places To Move Bold With Layout

Injecting pattern into an area is a fantastic way to add interest and express your personality. From big surfaces to smaller accessories, which range from programs that demand a significant commitment to items that allow you to just examine a new look, here are 10 great ways to present pattern to your house.

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Backsplashes. While this needs a long-term relationship, including pattern through beautiful tiles in a kitchen may become the star of a really distinctive space.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

Walls. Consider adding bold print into an accent wall or an entire space by hanging a favorite painting or wallpaper a fantastic stencil design.

Debra Toney, AIA Assoc.

Floors. With floors being one of the most expensive surfaces in a house, I would advise that there be absolute certainty that this is the one. But if it is, a patterned floor such as it is both special and striking.

Rugs. A bold geometric, floral or striped area rug can transform a space. With endless options on the market now at a wide range of prices, you will find good matches for several budgets.

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Drapes. A classic way to bring both warmth and pattern into a space is by selecting a favorite cloth to be made into panels and hung at the windows. Nothing makes a room feel much more completed. Why not risk a little to go bold?

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Furniture. With an upholstery job rarely simplifies anything less than pricey, picking a bold cloth to cover key parts of furniture requires extreme love. But if the attraction is there, consider what the result can be.

Erika Ward – Erika Ward Interiors

Headboards. DIY headboards are becoming all of the rage and are made even better if a bold print is used. Should change your brain, the headboard can easily be recovered with a different fabric.

Kimball Starr Interior Design

Lampshades. A big trend is to bring colour and pattern into an area through lampshades, and this is a stunning example. Such an approach to bringing in bold pattern requires hardly any commitment, and is therefore a fantastic place to begin if not used to living with bold pattern.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

Pillows. Shy of bold pattern and colour? Begin with the hottest item by which to present these elements into an area. With so many cheap and fabulous designs on the market (just stop by Etsy!) , you are sure to find endless options to lure you.

Kuth/Ranieri Architects

Bedding. Do you want a serious amount of pattern in a place, but aren’t prepared to pay for the walls? Attempt boldly designed bedding, which may have a similar impact on a bedroom layout with less commitment.

Where would you use bold pattern in your house?

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